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Who We Are

MEGAFastener have been established since 2012, We have maintained our advantageous position as importers / distributors of various collated fasteners for use in pneumatic tools and as importers / distributors of fastening tools as well as fasteners here in US.

The identification of collated fasteners for many kind of pneumatic tools is troublesome to all dealers and distributors. MEGAFastener, through trial and error, have studied to become a full line supplier of fasteners for a variety of tools. We provide you with “Advantage of Fasteners”.

MEGAFastener (Nails, Staples, Brad, Pins and Screws) made for application such as upholstery, construction, roofing, finishing, framing, flooring and for the assembly and manufacturing of pallets, skid, crates and much more, are ALL designed to provide maximum fastening performance in partnership with all kinds of pneumatic tools you use. These fasteners are available in specifications that meet industries code and requirements.

Whatever you needs, MEGAFastener offers a wide assortment of fasteners in the industry. A variety of metals, finishes, configurations, points, size and coating are all designed for special applications and/or specification.

With our best wishes, “ALL IS WELL”